Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, .30-30 ammo Winchester, BST, 150 Grain 500 Rounds



Winchester(r) 30 30 ballistic tip(r) 30-30 ammo blends Nosler(r) Ballistic Tips and patent-pending Lubalox(r) coating to provide less friction and a better performance over long distances.

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 30-30 ammoammunition offers hunters with immediate knockdown and high-precision. The polymer tip is resistant to deformation, enhances the range of long-range shots, and also encourages expansion. Buy ammo online, Additionally the boattail design improves accuracy, while an alloyed lead core offers more weight retention to allow for greater penetration.

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammunition provides hunters instant knockdown as well as extremely precise. The tip of the polymer resists deformation, enhances the long-range capabilities, and encourages expansion. The boattail design increases precision, and an alloyed lead lead core gives greater weight retention to allow for deeper penetration. 30/30 ammo Lubalox black oxide can also be utilized to decrease the force of engraving and barrel fouling. buy ammo online Ballistic Silvertip 30-30 Ammo are aerodynamically efficient and feature boattail designs that enhance the stability of long-range bullets and their accuracy. 30/30 ammo Additionally the jackets have been added to the thickening of hunting weights and the cores are hardened to mix large expansion and penetration, which makes them perfect for medium and light game that is shot at long distances. These quality bullets pack a punch that is ideal for the hunter of larger game.


Alloyed lead core

Contoured jacket

Lubalox(r) (Black Oxide) coating

Rapid controlled expansion

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Specifications for the Key Features of Ballistic Silvertip 30-30 ammo

Item Number: 186391

Mfg. Number SBST3030

UPC Number: 020892215375

Caliber: .30-30 Win(r)

Bullet Weight: 150 grain

Bullet Style: BST

Muzzle Velocity: 2,390 FPS

Muzzle Energy: 1,902 ft.-lbs.

Case Type Nickel-plated

Primer Type: Boxer, reloadable

Corrosive: No

Rounds: 500

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