FoxPro Snow Commando Digital Game Call SNOW COMMANDO




Bring those circling snow geese and crows within gun range, with the powerful and portable SNOW COMMANDO from FOXPRO. This caller comes standard with 75 high quality FOXPRO sounds and can store and access up to 300 sounds. The SNOW COMMANDO comes with 37 of the most proven snow goose sounds, 29 predator sounds, and 9 crow sounds. The SNOW COMMANDO is powered by an 11.1 lithium battery pack (battery and charger included). The SNOW COMMANDO unit is a single 30 watt speaker with positional handle and heavy-duty battery bag. 1 external speaker jack allows you to connect either the SP-SGE external speaker or the SP70CDW external speaker. The SNOW COMMANDO is USB reprogrammable, offers long range control, and comes standard with an elastomeric keypad to make operation easier when wearing gloves.

Find more of the highest quality game calls  for your next hunt, including more of the best goose calls around.


Specifications for FoxPro Snow Commando Digital Game Call:

Additional Features: 37 Snow Goose sounds, 29 predator sounds, and 9 Crow sounds
Color: White
Battery Type: Lithium
Species: Goose


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