CCI 41 Primers Small Rifle 5.56mm NATO-Spec 1000




CCI 41 Primers are subjected to ongoing testing and improvement. Therefore, CCI primers today are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with both progressive and automated loading equipment than they were in previous generations. They make use of modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixtures in order to achieve the cleanest possible burn.

CCI Small Rifle 5.56mm NATO-Spec Military Primers #41 Box of 1000 (10

Number 41 Mil-spec primers in stock are manufactured to the same specifications as those used by the United States Military and are designed to reduce the likelihood of a slam-fire. They use the same data as CCI magnum primers, despite the fact that they are designed specifically for use in Military-style semi-automatic rifles.

076683500014 - No 41 Primer for 556mm 1000r 1/BOX |

CCI has issued the following statement:

  • More than just military-spec primers are required for effective slam-fire prevention.
  • Headspace, chamber condition, firing pin shape and protrusion, bolt velocity, case condition, and other factors can all influence the possibility of a slam-fire event.

CCI #41 - 5.56mm Small Rifle Primers (Box of 1,000) - Precision Reloading


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