Wolf Ammo .223 Remington 55 grain 500rounds


Caliber: .223 Remington
Number of Rounds: 50
Bullet Type: Jacketed Soft Point
Bullet Weight: 55 grain
Primer Location: Centerfire
Dimensions: 2.35 X 2.40 X 5.05 in

223 federal hunting Wolf Ammo Remington 55 grain

Need affordable 223 wssm wolf ammo for sale in bulk for varmint/pig hunting or range training? Then pick up a  500 round case of this steel-cased 55-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) Wolf Performance hunting Ammo 223 Remington for sale ammunition today!

These rounds are non-corrosive, feature a bi-metal jacket, and a steel case (so they will attract a magnet).

Made in Russia with premium Berdan primers, while this  Wolf 223 wssm ammo is not reloadable, you’ll save money compared to buying brass rounds!

About Wolf 223 Wssm Deer Ammo Hunting box

Wolf Hunting or training ammo is incredibly popular since it is one of the most affordable types of ammunition available while still providing excellent performance. In addition, if you are not pleased with the performance of a Wolf branded product, Wolf provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and they will purchase back and refund any unused goods.
Barnaul (UCW) and Tula (TCW) make all federal 223 deer ammo boxes (‘Mil-spec’, ‘Military Classic’, ‘Performance’, and ‘Polyformance’, and they all have the same fundamental components and characteristics. Both ‘Military Classic’ and ‘Polyformance’ munitions have a polymer-coated steel case and unopened cartridges, however, they are packaged differently.

Polymer coating and unsealed ammunition have the advantage of being cleaner to shoot and leaving less residue in the rifle. The reason for the different sub-brandings is that Wolf used to have different factories make Wolf ammo, and there was a significant difference back then.

However, Wolf had a falling out with the two factories, TCW and UCW, and they moved to Barnaul to make all Russian-made Wolf ammo around 2009.
In 2020, Wolf did reconcile with Tula Cartridge Works (TCW) and once again has that factory producing ammunition for them (so that’s why you will sometimes see that manufacturer as a headstamp on federal 223 ammo boxes Wolf ammo. The Wolf Performance Guarantee still applies to those rounds with a Tula headstamp (as long as they came in a Wolf Hunting ammo-branded box).

Specifications Of Hunting Ammo

Ammo Caliber ammo 223 federal Rem
Bullet Type FMJ – Bi-Metal Jacket
Attracts Magnet Yes
Bullet Weight 55 Grain
Casing Steel
Condition New
Manufacturer Wolf Performance Hunting Ammo
Manufacturer SKU 22355WFMJ
Primer Berdan
Quantity 500


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