Hornady InterBond Bullets 6mm Caliber .243 Diameter 85 Grain, Spitzer, 500Rounds


Rifle Bullets 6mm .243 Caliber Ammunition 85 Grain

243 caliber ammunition Diameter 85 grain with 500 rounds very perfect ammo for deer hunting, Hornady InterBond Bullets 6mm Caliber for sale. Hornady InterBond Bullets are popular among shooters around the country. This company uses the highest quality materials in conjunction with the finest workmanship. These bullets have a proprietary process for bonding whereby the core and jacket are held together to ensure 90 percent weight retention give or take a percentage point. In addition, the bullets are capable of delivering exceptional power for deep penetration that creates a devastating wound channel. The result is a clean swift kill which is exactly what hunters want. There is also a polymer tip that enhances accuracy and bolsters performance. Sale 243 ammo for deer hunting 

WARNING: California`s Proposition 65

Specifications for Hornady InterBond Rifle

Bullet Type: Polymer Tip, Interbond
Caliber: .243 Caliber
Bullet Weight: 85 grain
Sectional Density: 0.206
Bullet Quantity: 100 Bullet
Reloading Caliber: .243 Caliber
Fabric/Material: Copper

Features of Hornady InterBond 6mm .243-85 GR 100 Box:

  • The sleek polymer tip improves ballistic performance, accuracy, and initiation of expansion.
  • Solid, one-piece lead core won’t separate. The bonded design ensures the bullet achieves controlled expansion with virtually no fragmentation and the core will never separate from the jacket.
  • Necessary to retain weight and contributes to the expansion of over twice the bullet diameter.

Package Contents:

  • Hornady InterBond 6mm .243 85 GR 100 Box


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