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Weight: 10 oz



Blackhorn 209 powder instock is a low buildup, superior execution charge made for muzzleloaders and dark powder cartridges. It is designed to reliably take shots at higher speeds and with more prominent exactness than some other muzzleloader powder accessible today.

Is blackhorn  powder  really that good?
This is the best powder you can at any point utilize. It further develops precision and hitting power, with no cleaning between shots.
Is blackhorn  powder  discontinued?
That’s it, Blackhorn  has not been ended, Hodgdon isn’t embarking to remove one of the most mind-blowing selling current muzzleloading forces, powder creation in 2020 simply didn’t fulfill need. … Join the NMLRA today to assist with supporting our unique writing about the muzzleloading business
What powder is comparable to blackhorn 209?

Thread: Blackhorn  vs Goex Black Powder

As you can see, every single Blackhorn  load produced higher velocities (150-500fps) than comparable loads using Goex black powder.

What primers should I use with blackhorn ?
Blackhorn  is designed to work with standard 209 shotshell primers. For the best results, we recommend the following brands: CCI 209MFederal 209A.
where can I buy blackhorn  powder 5 lb. for sale?
This powder is rare and is available here at Outdoorammory for the best price and rate for high quality products.To get this 209 powder place your Order online Now.


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