PMC Ammunition Bronze .308 Winchester Ammo147


Best .308 Winchester Ammo 147 Grain

Equip yourself with the PMC Ammunition .308 Winchester Ammo 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket for a top-shelf cartridge that will result in a more thrilling and efficient hunting season. This.308 ammo hunting ammo carefully crafted by PMC Ammunition will help fill your freezer faster than the competition by delivering a whopping 2,780 fps of muzzle velocity to strike your prey before even knowing what happened. And when you do strike that beastly buck with a PMC Ammunition 308 Winchester 147gr FMJ, the 2,522 ft/lb. of muzzle energy will quickly and humanely take down your target. Keep this PMC Ammunition Best .308 hunting ammo (7.62 NATO) Ammo in your chamber to ensure you don’t leave your next hunting adventure empty-handed.

Lock and load this PMC Bronze 308 deer ammo FMJBT Ammo and witness its straight-shooting paper-punching power. Whether you’re having a blast at the range or just plinking in your backlot, this best .308 hunting ammo is ready, willing, and incredibly able. Show up your friends with shot-after-shot reliable accuracy. Unleash the sizzle and have more fun at the range.

About Walmart .308 

PMC ammunition is loaded in new brass cases with boxer primers. This ammunition is non-corrosive and is loaded to SAAMI specifications. Each of these rounds complies with MIL-SPEC. All PMC ammunition is reloadable. So hurry up to buy Now .308 Winchester Deer hunting ammo at a reasonable price.

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Specifications for PMC Ammunition Bronze .308 Winchester hunting ammo 147-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Brass Centerfire Rifle Ammunition:

Caliber: .308 Winchester
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight: 147 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 2780 ft/s
Package-Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire


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