35 whelen ammo

35 Whelen Ammunition

Despite being created in 1922, the 35 Whelen remained an unofficial cartridge until Remington started marketing a Model 700 chambered for 35 Whelen ammunition in 1988. For big game hunting, mainly in North America, the caliber is utilized. Although less well-known than its.30-06 Springfield parent case, the bigger 35 Whelen bullets have a diameter of.358 inches/9.1 mm, which significantly alters ballistics. Using bullets weighing 180 to 250 grains, the average muzzle velocity is around 2,724 feet per second, and the average muzzle pressure is about 3,483 ft-lb (foot-pounds). It is well-liked among hand loaders and has a maximum effective range of roughly 400 yards for big game hunting, making it a strong contender for pursuing that big trophy. We move factory loads upward brands like Hornady, Federal, and Barnes.

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